Friday, 13 February 2009

Finished cover

This was finished by putting acrylics down over the pencils and then inking the outlines and other details over the paint. This is actually a scan of a laser copy of the original and the colours have come out identical to the original so there's zero need for any correction.

Oh yeah, and just for future retrospective reference, today was the day when the citizens of our fair isle (Eire) learned the full extent of our banking sectors GUBU status. It's history in the making folks.


Anonymous said...

My God! This looks amazing- When when when can we get our filthy worthless hands on a copy?

philtre said...

What a cracker Salvo! when's that book due?

SALVO said...

Cheers, folks. It should be finished around march or april. Thing is, the closer I'm getting to the end the further away it seems.