Wednesday, 18 March 2009


This sketch was done with black and white acrylic. It's one of my favourite movie images ever. I first saw it in an old movie magazine when I was about 8 or 9 and I just remember wanting to see the movie very badly 'cos I thought Peter Lorre looked so scary.
I only got to see 'M' properly in the last few years. I was expecting it to be an expressionistic horror thing with canted angles and Lorre leering down at the cherubs. Instead it's a very sober movie based on a real life case in Germany just before the film was shot. A lot of it's taken up with the unglamorous details of police work in tracking down a child killer. It's brilliant stuff, just not the ghoulish spectacle I was expecting it to be.


philtre said...

exquisite Salvo - would love to see a comic in this style!

SALVO said...

who knows, I might do something like this in the future, Phil. It's a faster process than the one I've been using for windell.

Anonymous said...

Most excellent rendition of the poster, Sir! Must dig out the ol' M DVD.


SALVO said...

Thanks, Liam. All fellow M fans are most welcome here.