Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Salvo's Test Card

Nothing signals the counter-cultural intentions of an artist quite like the fusion of dismembered heads and test card chic. That’s right… one look at this baby and the beholder is left with little choice but to conclude that its creator is one of those serious artistic types who would never let THE MAN’S member get within an asses roar of his bum hole.

Who knows, the viewer might even be inclined to picture the draughtsman responsible for this illustration as a hopelessly maladjusted (and probably overweight) fellow who has taken up permanent residence beneath the monstrous shadow cast by the establishment, clutching a shovel in his fist.

On a more practical level (and putting aside any and all considerations of creative matters) the periodical transmission of this test card on giant screens all over the world would allow any viewer the opportunity to conserve vital energy by just staring at it for anything up to an hour; energy that is badly needed for the important business of being awake in the world.

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